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Buying a Liquid Nitrogen (Semen) Tank


How Many Straws?
The main question to answer before purchasing a semen tank is how many straws will be stored. You must remember that a tank with a 500 straw capacity may only hold that many if they are packed at the lab. If the canes are tight fitting you may not get them back into the canister after pulling a straw to breed a cow. On average a 500 straw capacity tank with 6 canisters will actually hold about 400 to 450 straws comfortably. The larger the canister size the closer to the advertised holding capacity. The larger diameter canister has a less severe curve and lets the canes fall back into them easier. 
It is important to understand that many people underestimate the capacity they will need. In only a few years time you will accumulate semen because of various sales and the use of newer bulls. You may want to keep the older semen you have to use at a later date and over time the tank becomes crowded. Also, you may have purchased only a few straws of one bull but it will take up the room of ten straws because they are on a 10 straw cane. Overestimate the size you feel you will need and avoid being one of the folks that calls me a year later saying "I should have gotten the bigger tank!" 



Under 500 units to store?
 If you want to store under 500 straws you will want to look at any of the tanks in the 20 to 22 liter range. These are the least expensive of all the tanks available, are very efficient and portable. There are smaller tanks out there but they are used for shipping and have a specially designed internal component that absorbs liquid nitrogen. The addition of this material makes this tank more expensive.  If you want to store under 500 straws and Cost is the main issue we recommend the MVE XC20

All liquid nitrogen tanks must be filled periodically as the liquid evaporates and the level in the tank becomes lower. Cost of filling a tank varies from region to region and can be quite expensive in some areas.  The longer the holding time a tank has the more time between fills. When looking at specifications on the tanks the Static Time is the amount of time a tank will hold liquid if it is completely full of liquid nitrogen and is allowed to evaporate without pulling out the cork. Working Time is the length of time a full tank will become completely empty if it is used on a daily basis (i.e. during breeding season). The more often the cork is pulled and semen removed the shorter time between fills.  If you want to store less than 500 straws and Holding Time is the main issue we recommend the SC 36/32

  What is the Difference?
The main question I get about the MVE line of tanks refers to the 20 liter series. The MVE SC20, XC20, and SC20/20 look almost identical. The SC20 and XC20 are identical except for the canister size. Usually you will see a difference in price between the two tanks from other distributors but we purchase them at the same price and in turn sell them at the same price.
The SC20/20 is an older version of these two tanks and is actually a bit more expensive to produce due to the different style lid.  In my opinion there is no realized gain by the old style lid so there is no real value in picking this tank over an XC20.
We do stock all three simply because some folks don't do their own research and end up buying whatever their neighbor has in the barn.


  Resale Value
There are many tanks on the market but only a few brands that will have increased resale value based on the name. Of course all tanks lose value in time but if you may be selling your tank within a few years this is an important consideration. If Resale Value is the main issue we recommend MVE Brand. Check out the Used Tank section to see how well the MVE tanks hold their value as opposed to other brands.
  Vapor Shippers
Vapor shippers are a completely different type of tank. Basically built to save on shipping costs, these compact tanks are used to ship semen around the world. 

 They are named such because of an a built in lining that actually absorbs the liquid nitrogen. This allows the tanks to be shipped as non-dangerous goods which saves on shipping costs. Vapor shippers have a short hold time and limited capacity. They are designed to lay on their side but NOT upside down.

Shipping jackets are the box or container used to protect the vapor shipper during transit.  The design of any good shipping jacket will not allow the tank to be turned upside down at any time. Shipping companies are not at all interested in keeping your tank right side up so be sure you only ship in a container that prevents any vapor shipper from being transported upside down. 

Shippers come in several sizes but the main tanks we use are the MVE SC4/3 and the MVE SC4/2. The SC4/3 holds 4 liters of nitrogen for 3 weeks and the SC4/2 holds 4 liters of nitrogen for 2 weeks.



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